Hello 2016!

So Here We Are!

Howdy Friends! So, here I am in 2016, after 6 years of trying to keep up with it all, figure out what is important, and how to stay on top of that. I love where Creations is right now. I am very new to this technology business, to all this blogging and posting and tweeting and pinning and what have you! I used to never even take pictures, I ran this business by word of mouth for years, and always had enough going on. Well, now that Facebook taught me the value of simply sharing some pictures once in a while and reaching out to your fellow man in a meaningful way to find those who think more like you, and vice versa, I am more encouraged than ever to finish a website, and share more! So many of us have so much need to give, and think we have so little to offer. So, this is my new way of giving, and perhaps it will help me to be more open with those in my own industry, and who knows, may even open doors I never dreamed existed.

I won’t bore you with anymore posts about me, It’s almost bored me to tears! However, from now on, we’re gonna talk about events, how they happen, the good, the bad, and the ugly!
I am gonna be showing you some of my favorites of the past couple years, as well as new ones as they happen, some workroom photos here and there just to add a little spice. Thank you for taking the journey with me. See you real soon!

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