Hello, Welcome to my Floral Design and Decor Blog for Mylez Edward Creations!

TESTING 1,2,3…. is this thing on? uh huhm.  Since most of you reading this blog are going to be friends and family, let me, in advance, apologize for the lengthly introduction, but being that nobody on the web knows who I am, at least not yet, we may as well just dive right into it.

Howdy Folks! My name is Mylez Edward, proprietor of Creations by Mylez Edward. I am a Stylist, florist, decorator, costume designer, stager, set decorator, and one sure bet of a guy every body wants in their rolodex simply for my on the spot problem solving skills, level headedness, endurance, and determination to get the job done at the highest level of perfection available. Hook or crook, the show must go on!

I really have no interest in boring you, or myself, with the past. It’s not my thing. I will however, Show you a little of it. Here is me, a few years back, after finishing my fist entire mall holiday project. I was proud, but almost dead, had no voice and had slept more than a couple hours a day for weeks.

In the next post, I will share some of my humble beginnings, which may , include more pictures from all this holiday fabulousness, but will definitely include pictures of my VERY FIRST WEDDING, under the name….Mylez Edward.  Until next time

See ya real soon!


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