Humble Beginnins’ and Grandiose Dreams!

Humble Beginnins’ and Grandiose dreams!

Part two Like I said in the last post, The one thing about me is that I can dream big. I never dreamed of making an item, I always dreamed of “The Extravaganza” or “The Show”, the finished product, and bigger picture. That being said, When I sold my first shopping mall Holiday decor. I was fresh out of high school, I looked at the work, never having done anything like it before, dissected it, and said “ I can do better!”  The next day, I made an appointment, sat down with mall management, and said, “I can do this, better than you getting it done now, and would be willing to do it cheaper, for the opportunity!”. Well, that opened the door to my first real education. Building codes, Fire marshals, Deadlines, ordering, logistics. City, county and state paperwork. Not to mention, I had now sold a project where 75% of what had to be done, I had never done before. I had to learn a lot fast, and I did.

Fortunately, the artwork came easy. For Nine months, I toiled night and day, barely leaving my studio, I was so grown up, I had it all figured out. I was as happy as a person can get on one’s own. When I was tired, I laid down right where I was, when I was hungry, I ate again, right where I was. I had an apartment, but I just couldn’t seem to get home. I would make it when I yearned for a soft bed to sleep in or a hot shower.

This shot me personally on a journey that expanded what I was, who I was, as a person, and as an artist. I loved the doors this project opened in my mind, and the courage it gave me to get up and go make what I wanted, the way I wanted to. Pardon the photos older than most of my readers, Thanks for sharing the journey with me… See ya Real Soon!

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