X Floral Salon

Fast Forward to 2010..

Howdy Friends, After a couple decades or so, filled with amazing Educational and professional experiences in industries ranging from Major motion picture costuming, prop building and promotions, World class resorts & private clubs weddings and Holiday Floral and events, Walt Disney World Resort Entertainment, and a number of Mall and department store Holiday and seasonal display design projects. I discovered Tampa through covering for a friend on maternity leave, doing windows for Brooks Brothers in the Hyde Park area. I fell in love with the area, started to visit more and more often and eventually met the love of my life here in Tampa, and began to work to leave Orlando, onto the next great chapter. I decided a little flower shop was the way to go, and X Floral Salon was born.

 The shop was lovely, the work, enjoyable. Then, the first weddings and themed events came in, at first I resisted allowing the decor business to overtake the everyday flower shop operation, but quickly I had to make a choice, and I am very glad that I did. Not to mention, I’d rather do a wedding, themed party or event over anything, so making myself more available to that client is always a smart thing to feed my creativity.

See you real soon


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